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This project was completed while I was a Principal and CEO of HNTB, Inc, PS ( located in Bellevue, WA.) that is a subsidiary of HNTB, INC., Architects and Engineers, headquartered in Kansas City, MI. 


The Aerospace Machinists Union is the majority of workforce that builds the Boeing aircraft in all the various plants around the Puget sound area.  this was a complex of two building, one for the administration of the Union, and the other is the meeting hall for the union meetings.  this campus is located near Boeing field where it all began over a hundred years ago.


The building is conceived as a "street" along which the members can conduct the various business services of the union. This "street" runs through the campus aligned with the meeting hall as well.


The Union emblem over the door is the crest for the union and was built (cast in iron) by union members and incorporated into the entry to the administration building.


The building was design to last another hundred years by using timeless materials that stand the test of time.

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