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The building for this project is a turn of the century building ( 1926) classified as what we call an unreinforced masonry building. The original building included a hotel on the upper floor, and was what one would call a working man's hotel, housing logging and agricultural workers.  It was composed of very small rooms with shared bathroom and narrow corridors.


The new facility is an upscale boutique hotel with just 12 rooms including rooms with a living room, and most with decks.


Part of the challenge was to reinforce the second floor of the building to current codes while maintaining the character.  The design imperative was to keep the building looking like the turn of the century period and make the interiors seem like the layout was original, just updated to a new standard.


The new marquee on the front is glazed to keep as much light into the building as possible, and the exterior decks and planters maintain the period look with details such as grape clusters on the railings.

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