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This small hill side water front vacation house is detailed in a very sophisticated way, including the following:


The lower level is what we call Architectural concrete with the form panel layout and reveal accent lines, including the form ties all lined up in a pattern….all to give a very structured look to the concrete on the lower level.


The roof is constructed with SIP Panels ( See our energy section under Green Building. ) along with all the walls insulated with foam, providing a very energy efficient house.  


The entire west wall facing Lake Chelan is a folding window system, in this case using a german product called Nana Wall.                                                                                                                                        


The heating system is in the sub floor providing radiant heat through out the house. This is a Canadian product called WarmBoard.


The HVAC system is a ductless configuration provide very efficient and zoned cooling.


The siding is Corten steel over a rain-screen type assembly.  Corten is a pre-rusted steel alloy that once has a rust film, stops rusting and forms a protective barrier, and never needs painting or maintenance.

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