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Mercer Island House #1 - Coulter Architects

This house is one of our design build projects, meaning that we built it on our own account, acting as architect, owner and contractor.


The site was a previous peat bog, so the house is resting on a reclaimed site.   This means we had to remove all of the peat material, and reclaim the lot with concrete spalls and crushes rock, creating a dry expensive reclamation, but we purchased the site relatively inexpensively because of the site opportunity in disguise.


The home was conceived as something one might see in the Adirondacks of up state New York, or in the Hamptons.  With the wrap around porch providing a pleasant space to enjoy the adjoining stream on this treed acreage on Mercer Island.  Isolated on a private road, one has the feeling of being out in the woods.


The site inspired the design which includes a two story living room with balcony access to a master suite and den with an outlook to the forest.


A distinctive solution to a very difficult lot which was passed over because of the complex issues of the site. 

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