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Seattle Community College Retail & Parking Garage, Seattle Washington 

This project was completed while I was a Principal and CEO of HNTB, Inc, PS ( located in Bellevue, WA.) and is a subsidiary of HNTB, INC, Architects and Engineers, headquartered in Kansas City, MI. 


We won this design / build competition in partnership with Turner Construction. The problem to solve ( the back story) was to make the garage seem like a retail business along the two streets that meet at the corner....... and...... keep the architecture within the context of an older part of Seattle. 


Through materials, color selections and architectural details, we succeeded in making the street- scape seem like part of the business district, and yet facilitate the proper number of cars. 


We also addressed personal safety with open stairs located on the outside of the structure, and using good sight lines through out the project, as well as lighting the entire garage.


This is a post tensioned concrete structure.

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