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Washington State Convention & Trade Center - Seattle, Washington 
freeway-park Convention.jpg

This project was completed while I was a Principal and CEO of HNTB, Inc, PS ( located in Bellevue, WA.) which is a subsidiary of HNTB, INC, Architects and Engineers, headquartered in Kansas City, MI.  The total team was a Joint Venture with TRA Architects and Planners of  Seattle forming TRA + HNTB.


After 2 years of testing various sites in downtown Seattle, and not finding a suitable site, the inspiration of putting the Convention Center over the Freeway was considered as a way to heal the "scar" of the I-5 Freeway....while tying the project into the existing Freeway Park was also a way to further capitalize on this concept of healing.


The State of Washington developed this project to be a financial stimulus for down town Seattle, and over the years this has been a resounding success. 

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